TCP Incubator Co.,Ltd.

Nurturing extraordinary innovations, to energize a better world for all.

TCP Incubator

TCP Incubator was created to be TCP Group’s global platform for collaborating with entrepreneurs and startups to accelerate business and product innovation within the food and beverage industry.

What we do

We provide seed funding and guide early-stage startups through “First Phase” by providing the training, expertise, mentoring, and tools necessary to succeed in building an initial MVP and further on to commercialization and scale-up.


Our focus areas

Based on TCP’s global business, our platform is interested in the following areas :


Products and Ingredients


Marketing and Adtech


E-commerce and Retail


Disruptive Business Models


Manufacturing and Packaging


Consumers and Market Intelligence



Other Adjacent Areas



TCP Incubator Hack Days Winter 2019

Innovators united to work on one of the most unique challenges - disrupting Red Bull. TCP Incubator Hack Days Winter 2019 “Kill the Bull.”



TCP Incubator x The Founders Square

A 12-week incubation program with a goal of really helping entrepreneurs and startups to take a huge leap forward, and getting them into drastically better shape then when they joined. 3 Oct – 16 Dec 2020


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