Assistant Accounting Manager - GL
19 October 2020, Head Quarter|T.C. Pharma
Job description
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Assistant Accounting Manager - GL


  • Check the accuracy of the balance of each account. Record and check the transactions. When an error is found, analyze the reasonability of the accounting entry to ensure the financial statement is correct according to the accounting standards
  • Update information as well as track the PR/PO and record all marketing expenses correctly
  • Check and create monthly reconciliation statement
  • Create financial statement by product to present to management within the assigned date
  • Calculate Corporate Income Tax as well as track all related documents and evidence
  • Check output tax list and all related documents
  • Check and create monthly reconciliation statement for revenue according to Corporate Income Tax form P.N.D.50, revenue according to PP30 and revenue according to trial balance to ensure that the company files tax completely and accurately
  • Create Corporate Income Tax form P.N.D.50, P.N.D.51 and PP30 and check Input Tax and Output Tax
  • Create the budget for Financial Accounting to ensure that the allocated budget is in line with the annual policy
  • Coordinate for annual physical inventory and ensure it’s in line with accounting standards
  • Create activity report to ensure that the asset is accurately accounted for and matches with the information in SAP


  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting
  • At least 5 years of experience in general accounting or accounts payable
  • Basic knowledge of accounting and laws related to taxes and internal control
  • Analytical skills
  • Experience in SAP and / or External Audit is preferred
  • Good command of English
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