1 March 2020

TCP Group’s “Proactive, Vaccinated, Supercharged” Project Contributes to the Country’s Herd Immunity.

TCP Group set the target of 70% vaccination rate among its over 5,000 employees throughout the country in order to help build the herd immunity. “Proactive, Vaccinated, Supercharged” project communicates to the employees the importance of vaccination, increases understanding and develops awareness of the vaccine through the publicized videos and infographics continually. Moreover, the employees have been granted extra off days, apart from their normal leave quota, to get themselves and/or their families vaccinated. And if they experience any side effects afterwards, they can also take additional days off to recover.

Furthermore, through Chulabhorn Royal Academy, TCP Group procured Sinopharm vaccine for its both permanent employees and contract workers who could not access the government provided vaccines. As a result, 4,916 of TCP Group’s employees, amounting to 95%, have been vaccinated. It shows the organization's determination to contribute to developing herd immunity against COVID-19 as quickly as possible.

Having reached the target number of vaccinated employees, TCP Group then provided over 4,000 doses of Moderna, an alternative mRNA vaccine, to its employees as a booster in order to constantly prevent severe symptoms in case of infection.

COVID-19 Screening to Prevent Workplace Outbreak.

By mid-2021, COVID-19 pandemic situation reached its worst. COVID-19 screening process had to be tightened up accordingly. The following 4 measures were employed to control and inhibit outbreak in the company:

  • Conducting RT-PCR tests 100% complying with the universal standard recommended by World Health Organization to check RNA genetic code of the virus.
  • Distributing Panbio COVID-19 antigen self-tests approved by Food and Drug Administration Thailand (Thai FDA) to the employees to perform tests on themselves and their families at home.
  • Administering pooled sample testing to identify COVID-19 cases.

Even though the pandemic situation has improved, the company still provides antigen self-test kits to its employees to perform on themselves before entering the office on each day. Additional policy for entering the premises has been issued such as registering each person’s name in advance to control the number of people concurrently in the office and to decongest the working area. Without such a registration, they would not be allowed to enter the workplace.

Manage the Company’s Manufacturing Area, Both Passively and Proactively, to Stay Free of COVID-19

In terms of health and safety policy, Prachinburi factory under TCP Group has put in place a plan to deal with COVID-19 situation in order to make sure that this pandemic will not affect health and sanitation of its employees working in the production lines. This is also an attempt to ensure  quality products can be delivered to the domestic and international consumers, without interruption.

However, when there was an upsurge, Prachinburi factory proactively implemented “bubble & seal” measure, a guideline to control COVID-19 outbreak in big industrial factories with at least 500 employees, to reduce the risk of spreading the virus further within the factory and to the adjacent communities. The guideline included the following:

  • For the employees living in the community: Providing shuttle vehicles to pick up the employees from their dorms and using a tracking system between the residence and the workplace while conducting a random test according to a pre-determined schedule. In case of infection, COVID-19 patients would be transported to the medical facility immediately.
  • For employees living on the premises: Providing all the necessary utilities to the employees; taking a good care of their living condition including dividing the living areas into bedroom, dining room, bathroom and infirmary; catering 3 meals a day; creating a registration system; locating the employees’ accommodation; installing free Wi-Fi internet system; etc.

Providing Comprehensive Care to COVID-19 Infected Employees.

At the height of the pandemic in the middle of 2021, the number of new domestic cases spiked in July and August. The government then declared  a lockdown to bring down the infection rates. Due to the severity of the situation, the number of infected employees also increased. TCP Group actively rolled out a policy for human resources department and other related departments to expedite the process of admitting the sick employees to the hospitals.

For those who had mild symptoms but were unable to quarantine themselves at home, the company arranged the quarantine facilities both at the headquarter and the Prachinburi factory to care for them and to reduce the chance of viral transmission to their family members. The quarantine facilities were set up according to the standard of Ministry of Public Health, equipped with CCTV for monitoring the patients. Real-time medical checkup by medical personnel through VDO conference, known as Telemedicine, was also provided to ensure the good and safest care to the infected employees.

In early December 2021, World Health Organization (WHO) reported a new variant of COVID-19 that started to spread widely across South Africa and Europe. The company prepared a contingent plan to handle the situation in case of an upsurge. A stricter screening policy required the employees to run antigen self-test more frequently, from once every 14 days to twice per week, starting from the New Year holidays, in order to nip the possibility of an outbreak in the bud, both at the headquarter and the factory.

Job security for all employees is top priority.

TCP Group won’t dismiss employees while also contributing to the society.

TCP Group places an importance on the safety, well-being and repercussions of COVID-19 on our employees. Mr. Saravoot Yoovidhya, Chief Executive Officer, TCP Group, confirmed that “No job cut will be enforced and salary will be fully paid to raise moral support for the employees. What’s more, TCP Group will gear up social campaigns to stop the spread and restore the economy as TCO Group and the Board of Trade of Thailand jointly held a press conference entitled ‘the Private Sector Force to Fight the COVID-19’”.


Fully respond to the policy of the pub.

Hygiene and safety policies are enforced to guard employees across departments. Employees are also encouraged to strictly follow the government’s regulations.

TCP Group closely monitors the COVID-19 development and the public anti-diseases measures to pass trustworthy information to the workforce for acknowledgement and practice. This is intended to lessen COVID-19 infection risks among personnel and stave off an offence that leads to a legal penalty.

The campaign’s first phase is an awareness promotion. It elaborates on how the virus spreads and offers hygiene guidance for staff and offices. Anti-infection equipment given to employees include cleansing gel, hygiene masks, face shields, lunch boxes, temperature screening before operation, more frequency of cleaning process and deep cleaning at offices and employee dorms.  

More intensified measures to counter the spread of COVID-19 include a ban on unnecessary trip by flight to the countryside, whether business or personal. Employees are required to produce travelling records including those of their family members. Surveillance and isolation of employees close to risky people are compulsory for 14 days.

Concerning social distancing, an actual meeting are replaced by an online gathering. Work stations and seats on shuttle vans are re-assigned to ensure less physical distancing. Part of the staff are asked to work at home. 

The Songkran festival (traditional Thai New Year) between 13 to 15 April was cancelled. Employees were instructed to work as usual in line with the government’s announcement. The 3-day holiday will be restored later. Furthermore, staff are asked to stay home, abstain from partying, celebrating Songkran with water splashing and strictly follow the curfew which bans outside appearance from 10pm to 4am. 


The pre-emptive Line communication to grow the COVID-19 insight.

TCP Group’s daily posters and video content are disseminated to make certain that the employees are aware of the COVID-19 crisis and act wisely.

In light of rumour, confusion and panic surrounding COVID-19, TCP Group has launched the ‘COVID-19 Update’ content as short video clips to impart reliable and correct information to prevent excessive concerns by staff. The initiative also encourages them to follow the company’s measures and Ministry of Public Health’s regulations to practice self-protective measures against the COVID-19. The proactive poster series feature relevant information on a daily basis. Staff’s questions about the disease are answered on Line.



A new website is dedicated to store travelling records and masks provision for staff during the COVID-19 crisis

The platform facilitates a planning of adequate staff mask supply and offers surveillance of the spread of the COVID-19.

TCP Group seeks to ensure that the workforce hygiene measures successfully guard against the COVID-19. TCP Group hopes that the disease will soon be under control. However, as the virus continued to spread, and some employees still need to travel for business and personal purposes, the company has launched a dedicated website “https://covid-19.tcp.com” for staff to input daily travelling details and planned travel for day-offs. The platform also contains the information of masks obtained by staff during the virus crisis. Information from the site allows the company to assess infection risks amongst employees and plan for adequate supplies of face mask.


More shuttle service for better physical distancing

Staff vans double in number to prevent the COVID-19 and promote workforce’s hygiene.

Among benefits offered to the employees at the manufacturing factory in Phachinburi and T.G. Vending and Showcase Industries is shuttle vans that provide staff with convenient travelling. The investment in van service has grown two-fold to be in line with social distancing policy. For every trip, passenger name and seat number are logged for future reference and sufficient physical distancing is practiced.



Physical Distancing

The social distancing policy to curb the COVID-19 is applied to on-site and off-site employees.

Aside from advising employees to avoid crowded places, physical distancing plays a key role at TCP Group. Work station layout and operation guidance have been formulated to ensure that employees keep a safe distance from each other to minimize infection risks.



Sanitary measures at T.G. Vending and Showcase Industries under TCP Group

Fumigating and cleaning at offices and staff residences are implemented to bolster staff confidence in anti-disease movements.

T.G. Vending and Showcase Industries under TCP Group has announced sanitary measures to counter the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. The initiatives include spraying across the company and also staff’s residences to reassure staff regarding hygiene measures amid the COVID-19 disease.



More Intensified Protection for Staff across Departments

Care and equipment are offered to both on-site and off-site workforce as the COVID-19 protection continues.

TCP Group has stepped up personnel hygiene tips for both on-site staff and those who work across Bangkok. To begin with, every employee undergoes a temperature inspection and those with 37.5๐C or higher must return home or seek medical care until recovery. This ensures the safety of all employees and customers of TCP Group. Secondly, wearing of masks given by the company is recommendable and those who come into contact with risky touch points must apply alcohol gel on hands. As off-site employees are more exposed to COVID-19 risks, they are offered with protective equipment such as alcohol gel or soap in a company’s car. Face shield is another item to be used when working outside the company.



Pre-emptive actions offer COVID-19 protection measures

TCP provides our employees with a wide range of hygiene guidance to combat the COVID-19.

After learning of the COVID-19 pandemic with the outbreak in China, TCP Group has stepped up workforce sanitary measure preparation by giving masks, alcohol gel and face shields as part of the operation. Concerning sanitary recommendation at offices, more frequent spraying at the common area and touch points has been implemented through standard disinfectant either every 2 hours or as deemed appropriate. Fleet cars are regularly cleaned, both inside and outside, before and after use. 



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