‘Hi! X DHC Vitamins: D, C, and Zinc’ a new immune-boosting formula

20 October 2022

Hi! X DHC, TCP Group’s functional drink brand with expertise in premium quality vitamins, is reinforcing its market leadership by launching a new formula, “Hi! X DHC Vitamin D, C, and Zinc.” This immune system booster, which combines the power of three vitamins to enhance immunity and help generate antioxidants, is mixed with real and refreshing fruit juices making it the perfect daily beverage.

Ms.Prapaipak Weigl, Global Marketing Director (F&B), TCP Group, said, “Everyone knows that Vitamin D helps strengthen the immune system and reduce the risk of a range of infections. It also increases the efficiency of white blood cells. However, a survey two years ago found that Thais have inadequate levels of Vitamin D intake.1 Therefore, we would like to encourage everyone to adopt a few useful behaviors, such as enjoying morning exercises to get some sun exposure and consuming more foods and beverages that contain Vitamin D. To help, we developed a new product in our functional drink portfolio, Hi! X DHC Vitamin D, C, and Zinc, which combines three nutritional benefits in one bottle to enhance the immune system providing consumers with a daily drink option they can enjoy with confidence.”

Hi! X DHC Vitamin D, C, and Zinc enhances the immune system through a combination of three vitamins: 150% Vitamin D, 200% Vitamin C and 120% zinc which contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system together with antioxidants. It also contains premium quality vitamins from DHC, the number one best-selling food supplement brand in Japan, and is mixed with real fruit juices in delicious and refreshing flavors, providing important health benefits in a daily drink. It is now available in a 150 ml. size for 15 baht at 7-Eleven and other leading convenience stores nationwide and online channels.


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