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TCP Group is committed to conduct businesses based on the principles of sustainable development, as part of our corporate strategy, which aims at building on business growth while fostering economic, social, and environmental sustainability, wherever we operate. Since the very first day of the company’s inception, our founder Chaleo Yoovidhya had cultivated a spirit of corporate social responsibility among the management and employees. This was the inspiration behind TCP Group’s initiation and implementation of numerous social and environmental projects for over 60 years. Many of these initiative projects are recognizable until today, and are regarded as the pioneers of corporate social responsibility projects in Thailand. Among them are the E-Saan Keaw (Green Northeastern Project), the Blackboard and Red Bull Project, the Kratingdaeng (Red Bull) Spirit Project, the Love & Conserve Water Project, the Organic Farming: A Sustainable Solution Project, the Young Organic Farmers: A Sustainable Solution Project, and the Red Bull U-Project.

Having announced the synergy of its subsidiaries under the name ‘TCP Group’, and re-defining its vision to being “a great Thai enterprise representing all that is good about Thailand and bringing honour to our country on the global stage through our products and services”; the TCP Group has increasingly incorporated the principles of sustainable development into our operations in line with the corporate mission – in an attempt to enhance efficiency in the implementation of sustainable development, and to integrate sustainable development throughout the value chain of our businesses.

In 2018, TCP Group has announced the ‘TCP Sustainability’ development framework, consisting of 3 major pillars: Integrity, Quality, and Harmony.

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