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The vision of elevating TCP Corporate Group to be "The Greatest Company on World Stage" so we joined forces of all companies in the Corporate Group as one to emphasize "House of Brands" branding. We are more than ready to move forward, build up business opportunities and support working process with oversees market. At the moment, the brands under TCP Group distribute in Thailand and more than 170 countries worldwide.

For Israel, TCP is the marketer for distributing Red Bull, world class energy drinks.


Thailand's no.1 electrolyte beverage that consists of water, electrolytes (such as sodium or potassium) and carbohydrate which is designed to replenish those substances in the body during or after exercise or sweating.


250 ml.

Sponsor Electrolyte Beverage helps replace lost fluids and electrolytes after playing sport, working or doing activities in hot climate. Sponsor also helps replace lost nutrients and provide energy to freshen up your body.

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