66 years of TCP Group "Energizing" people towards the future

27 May 2022

From a small pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution company to a global beverage company, in this 2022, TCP Group has been a driving force for the country’s economic and social development for over 66 years.

The first step on the path to success and five things you may not know about TCP Group

  1. TCP Group’s name comes from T.C. Pharmaceutical, the original pharmaceutical manufacturing and distributing company founded by Mr. Chaleo in 1956. The first product sold and distributed by the company was the “TC-Mycin,” an antibiotic which subsequently became a household name at that time.

2. The original name of Red Bull was “Theoplex-D Syrup,” though people more easily recognized the logo of the fighting red bulls in front of a yellow sun in the background. As a result, the brand became affectionately and widely known as the “Red Bull” energy drink.

3. Currently, “Kratingdaeng” has broadened its beverage product lines for distribution both in Thailand and abroad, with more than 10 products meeting the diverse needs of consumers. The main products in Thailand are Theoplex-L, Kratingdaeng Classic, Kratingdaeng Extra ABC (red cap), Kratingdaeng Extra Zinc (black cap), and Red Bull Extra.

  1. Red Bull Cola is considered another product representing the pride of TCP Group and comes from the company’s passion to create a carbonated drink for Thais. It also represents their continued attempt to explore and discover innovations, resulting in another legendary product that people talk about all the time.

  1. Sponsor, Thailand’s first ready-to-drink electrolyte beverage in glass bottle packaging, continues to be the leader in the market maintaining the number one position in sales. The brand has always been improved to keep up with the times, including Sponsor Go, which is available in easy to carry PET bottles and Sponsor FITT DRINK which features 0% sugar and 0% calories.

Passing on success from generation to generation

Building on past successes, TCP Group, in the hands of  Mr. Chaleo's successors, has set out its new purpose, “Energizing a Better World for All,” to continue their aim in operating business while building a sustainable society. This purpose consists of three key strategies: Fulfilling – energizing our brand; Growing – energizing our growth; and Caring – energizing our environment, which will drive stable growth for business while caring for society and the environment at every step of our business operations.  

Mr. Saravoot Yoovidhya, Chief Executive Officer, said, “The idea of demonstrating increased care for society while operating our business has been ingrained in the DNA of TCP Group from the very beginning until now. With this new purpose, we are committed to energizing people in society while contributing to sustainable economic growth.”

Ms. Nucharee Yoovidhya, Managing Director, said, “TCP Group has grown up strongly for over 66 years, having received support from so many people, especially our dedicated employees. We are proud and thankful for every moment in this journey that we are taking together. Going forward, we will continue with our original aim of operating our business while protecting and caring for society, and making the world a better place for all.”

Path to the future

TCP Group continues to offer a wide range of quality products under the House of Great Brands to build stable and sustainable business growth, both domestically and globally. In addition, we are ready to carry on Mr. Chaleo’s goal of operating a business that focuses on creating value for society and the environment. This allows us to stay strong throughout our journey, which recently reached the 66 year-mark, and TCP Group will continue to strive in its mission of “Energizing a Better World for All” in the future for Thai society.

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