TCP Group launches long-term education initiative ‘TCP Energizing Education for More Opportunities’ to support teachers and students, aiming to strengthen competitive advantage of Thailand

4 November 2021
  • TCP Group announces launch of ‘TCP Energizing Education for More Opportunities’, a long-term project to reduce educational inequality by providing support to both teachers and students across entire educational ecosystem
  • Forming collaborative partnerships with educational organizations and finding new partners to further develop educational innovations
  • Project aims to develop skills for 500 teachers and provide access to high-quality education for 100,000 students, benefitting 100 schools and establishing engagement with 100 communities or learning centers within five years

TCP Group, in collaboration with an educational alliance, has launched its latest initiative TCP Energizing Education for More Opportunities’, a five-year educational project designed to support both teachers and students, maximizing their potential to meet the needs of learning and working in the future – which will be the key to sustainably developing human resources and driving Thailand forward. TCP Group has also extended an invitation to other educational partners who possess a broad variety of educational innovations to join the effort.

‘TCP Energizing Education for More Opportunities will operate over a five-year period with the focus on minimizing educational inequality by cooperating with various educational partners to address the future needs of education. The project will also provide effective learning innovations to help teachers and students gain effective and meaningful learning experience, as well as providing opportunities for underprivileged students. The program debuted with two initial partners: the teachers’ development program ‘The Shining School’, in collaboration with Thammasat University's Faculty of Learning Sciences and Education, and the ‘Fulfill the Education Dream for Youth’ project, in collaboration with the Equitable Education Fund (EEF), which provides scholarships for youths to further their studies to higher education. TCP Group joined forces with EEF initially in August to support the ‘Quality Volunteer Mechanism’ to expedite health and educational assistance for fragile children in vulnerable areas during the Covid-19 crisis.

“The Covid-19 crisis has further worsened educational inequality. Therefore, TCP Group has initiated our five-year educational project TCP Energizing Education for More Opportunities’ to address this issue in accordance with our sustainability development framework, which comprises three major pillars: Integrity, Quality, and Harmony. The TCP Energizing Education for More Opportunities project is in line with ‘Harmony’, which aims to build sustainable communities through improving the quality of life of communities in various aspects;" Mr. Saravoot Yoovidhya, Chief Executive Officer, TCP Group, said and continued, “our project aims to provide educational opportunities and support effective learning approaches for both teachers and students, enabling them to be current and relevant. Furthermore, the project will allow the development of a range of educational innovations and the expansion of learning spaces, as well as the formation of collaborative networks to drive sustainable educational transformation.”

Prof. Anuchart Puangsamlee, Dean of the Faculty of Learning Sciences and Education, Thammasat University, said: “‘The Shining School' project is primarily focused on engaging with teachers, since they are a key factor in driving change in the learning ecosystem. The process includes the preparation of manpower, as well as the development of content and competency-based teaching materials, which rewards learners with practical knowledge to be applied on a life-long basis and in the context of communities as well.  This project will commence with 12 pilot schools, where teachers who adapt the process will be able to construct new learning methods to lay the foundation of a meaningful and fulfilling education."

Dr. Kraiyos Patrawart, Deputy Managing Director at the Equitable Education Fund (EEF), said: “Every year, many students drop out of the Thai educational system, and it is a major issue that needs to be addressed. However, the Covid-19 crisis has worsened the situation. More than 43,000 students have dropped out of school, and up to 1.9 million more face the same risk despite having strong potential to study. ‘Fulfil the Education Dream for Youth,’ a collaboration between EEF and TCP Group, has the potential to ensure that no more students be excluded from Thai education while also encouraging them to return to school and pursue their life goals. We have offered 400 scholarships to grade 10 and first-year vocational students for one academic year in more than 40 provinces across the country. The project has also incorporated the use of a database to identify at-risk students and constantly monitors them to ensure educational inequality is not triggered, right from the beginning

The ‘TCP Energizing Learning for the Future’ project has set three educational development frameworks for new partners’ selection criteria as follows:

  1. Promoting core knowledge in the classroom creatively through innovation and technology


  1. Encouraging the development of life skills both inside and outside the classroom as well as the development of learners’ capabilities to create lifelong learning ability for career opportunities


  1. Developing a learning ecosystem that connects teachers, students, parents, schools, homes and communities to assist in the development of learners’ competence and capabilities that match their requirements


TCP Group welcomes new partners who are interested in joining this long-term educational program and who share the same ambition of minimizing the educational gap and preparing teachers and students for the future. Please contact TCP Group at for further information.

The TCP Energizing Education for More Opportunities’ project aims to develop skills for 500 teachers and provide access to high-quality education for 100,000 students, benefitting 100 schools and establishing engagement with 100 communities or learning centers over five years. The establishment of effective education is a critical key stage in the development of competent human resources – the key force in driving the country’s development in a sustainable way, which lines up with TCP Group's new mission of ‘Energizing a Better World for All’.


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