TCP Group launches "Red Bull Energy Soda" under the new “Refreshment Booster” segment, boosting energy for active lifestyles "JJ" appointed as brand ambassador to first jobbers

16 June 2023

“Red Bull,” a brand under TCP Group, is solidifying its leadership in the energy drink market and catering to the lifestyles of the new generation with the introduction of “Red Bull Energy Soda,” which offers a delightful combination of fizziness and fruity flavors. The launch of this product aims to capitalize on new growth prospects within the Refreshment Booster segment, which merges energy drinks with refreshments, thereby expanding the company’s presence in the premium energy drink market.

“JJ-Krissanapoom Pibulsonggram” has been appointed as the first brand ambassador for Red Bull Energy Soda. He represents the new generation who are dynamic, energetic, and passionate about a range of activities. As the brand ambassador, he will showcase the prominence of the Red Bull brand and this new energy soda as a drink for people with active lifestyles. Red Bull Energy Soda offers a delightfully fruity aroma, is sugar-free, and comes in two flavors: Green Apple and Muscat Grapes, which is particularly popular among the new generation, and Grapefruit and Pineapple, representing a balanced combination of a pleasing aroma and tangy taste (this flavor is exclusively at 7-Eleven stores). Packaged in an environmentally friendly aluminium can (250 ml) and priced at 20 baht, Red Bull Energy Soda is available in convenience stores and the TCP Online Shop.

Mr. Saravoot Yoovidhya, Chief Executive Officer of TCP Group, said, “TCP Group is the pioneer behind the globally recognized Red Bull energy drink brand. Today, we are continuously driving growth in the Thai market by leveraging Red Bull’s strength and by introducing a refreshing new product, ‘Red Bull Energy Soda,’ which provides energy at any moment in the day to efficiently engage in a wide range of desired activities. By creating the ‘Refreshment Booster’ sub-segment, TCP Group is bridging the gap between energy drinks and refreshments. We firmly believe that ‘Red Bull Energy Soda’ will provide a delightful experience for the new generation of consumers and further expand our brand’s growth in the premium market, which has so far achieved a 19% increase in growth from 2022, while this year, our goal is to increase our market share to 20%.”

Ms. Nuchana Adithiphyangkul, Associate Global Marketing Department Director – Energy, TCP Group, said, “Red Bull Energy Soda is an innovative energy drink designed to meet the needs of first jobbers who have active lifestyles with numerous aspirations and passions. They require an energy booster that enables them to fully engage in various activities, ranging from workstyles to lifestyles, such as gaming or inspirational travel. In addition to its energizing benefits, this beverage offers a delightful taste, with a refreshing fizziness and pleasant aromas reminiscent of popular fruits like green apples and Muscat grapes, and fruits with broad appeal such as grapefruit and pineapple, all while being sugar-free. The introduction of this new product highlights our commitment to developing offerings that align with market trends and cater to evolving consumer preferences, in line with TCP Group’s strategy of ‘Fulfilling – energizing our brand.’”

Three unique selling points of Red Bull Energy Soda:

  1. Provides an optimal energy boost suitable for a range of activities and active lifestyles.
  2. Delivers a sophisticated fruity flavor through a harmonious blend of unique and popular fruits, creating a delicious and refreshing taste.
  3. Offer a sugar-free formulation, aligning with current health trends.

“In terms of marketing strategy, we have selected ‘JJ-Krissanapoom Pibulsonggram’ as the brand ambassador to enhance brand awareness and appeal to the modern consumers to try ‘Red Bull Energy Soda.’ ‘JJ’ is hugely popular with the new generation, has shown exceptional talent and passion in acting, singing, dancing, and even in his new role as a business executive. This aligns perfectly with the DNA of Red Bull Energy Soda. With ‘JJ’ on board, our aim is to establish effective brand recognition and communications with the first jobbers seeking an energizing beverage to maximize their potential to perform various activities. To achieve this, we leverage commercial advertising across diverse digital platforms, as well as in-home and out-of-home media. Additionally, we are launching activities that increase brand awareness and encourage product trials through our ‘Refreshing Gang,’ inviting everyone to enjoy the refreshingly fizzy and fruity flavor of Red Bull Energy Soda.”


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