TCP Group introduces two new refreshing drinks: "Planett and FarmZaa" Penetrating the carbonated beverages market for health enthusiasts

2 August 2023

TCP Group is addressing the growth trend in the carbonated beverages market by launching two new brands: Planett and FarmZaa, highlighting a mix from natural ingredients, delicious flavors, 0% sugar, and eco-friendly sustainable packaging from 100% recyclable aluminum cans. In addition, these offerings cater to the health and wellness lifestyles of modern consumers. Both are now available exclusively through the TCP Online Shop (


Planett, an innovative beverage inspired by nature, marks "Thailand’s first floral soda drink," perfectly blending the invigorating aromas of flowers and fruits with the effervescence of soda. This new drink, which has no added sugar and calories, is also infused with L-Theanine, renowned for its relaxation benefits. Planett comes in two distinctive flavors: 1. Elderflower and Hibiscus, delivering a delightful blend of sweet and sour, where the subtle fragrance of Elderflower harmonizes with Hibiscus – a herb known for its health benefits; and 2. Rubia and Raspberry, presenting a sweet and mellow fusion of the freshly aromatic Rubia flower and Raspberry, a source of antioxidants that stimulates the immune system. It is packaged in a 325 ml can and priced at 25 baht.

FarmZaa, Mapeed soda, is a new brand that aims to support small farmers and add value to local fruits by making them more widely known. This endeavor culminated in the creation of a beverage that appeals to the new generation, featuring “Mapeed or Somjeed,” a celebrated local fruit from Chanthaburi. Mapeed imparts a pleasant sweet and sour profile, along with a remarkable 200% Vitamin C content. Featuring a pleasant honey scent, this drink boasts a refreshing taste with 0% sugar, making it the perfect choice for daily consumption. “Enjoy FarmZaa - delicious, refreshing, and good for the soul.” It is now available in a 325 ml can and priced at 25 baht.


TCP Group is committed to the continuous development of innovative products and services aligned with market trends and consumer behaviors, to address the unmet needs of consumers, achieving its strategy of “Fulfilling – energizing our brand.”


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