TCP Group Unveils Survey Findings from Sustainability Professionals: Net Zero Goal Needs Urgent Action!

5 October 2023

TCP Group recently conducted an opinion survey among sustainability professionals within the food and beverage sector, revealing a clear consensus that transitioning to Net Zero is an urgent issue that requires immediate action! This goal can be achieved through activities that reduce carbon emissions and by promoting the use of reusable packaging. In addition, the survey results indicate “waste” as the most pressing issue that must be prioritized.

The TCP Sustainability Forum 2023, under the concept of “Net Zero Transition... From Commitment to Action,” is another intention of the TCP Group aimed at energizing collaborations within the business sector for sustainable change. The event was attended by over 200 participants who not only heard opinions and shared experiences with academics from the social sector, business leaders, thought leaders, and practitioners in the food and beverage industry, but also took part in a survey reflecting their perspectives on taking immediate action on sustainability. The interesting survey results are presented below:

> The most important factor in the transition to Net Zero is dealing with climate change

All forum participants agreed that solving environmental issues to achieve the goal of Net Zero requires urgent action. Sixty-one percent indicated that the most crucial activity contributing to a practical transition to Net Zero is tackling climate change, which includes reducing carbon dioxide emissions, utilizing public transportation, decreasing energy consumption, adopting renewable energy, minimizing combustion, planting trees, and increasing the use of electric vehicles. Another 24% emphasized the importance of activities tied to the circular economy, such as reusing materials, minimizing single-use plastics, separating waste, and using recyclable packaging. Moreover, 11% of participants believed that setting policies and collaborating across all sectors will promote a successful transition to Net Zero, while 4% did not provide a response.

> “Waste” is the pressing issue that needs to be addressed first

Forty-nine percent of respondents agreed that waste-related issues, especially proper waste management, are the top priority requiring urgent action. Furthermore, 38% highlighted air pollution concerns, such as PM 2.5, while 12% identified water-related issues, encompassing flooding, drought, and wastewater. An additional 1% noted other challenges. When asked about challenges at the organizational level, participants consistently ranked waste, air, and water (in that order), underlining a keen awareness of the urgency and magnitude of these concerns.

> Up to 84% of organizations already have individuals working on sustainability

TCP Group’s partners shows a positive transition underway, with an impressive 84% of respondents having reported that their organizations already have individuals responsible for sustainability. Significantly, 100% of participants agree that environmental issues necessitate immediate action, while 71% of the partner organizations that joined the forum have already initiated sustainability efforts.

> 71% of partners have initiated action

Encouragingly, there are positive signs as 71% of participating partner organizations have already initiated sustainability activities to address environmental concerns. Meanwhile, 26% are in the planning stages to tackle these challenges and set actions as their ultimate goal, while 3% have yet to take any steps. Forum participants also noted that their organizations have set sustainability goals because they see environmental issues as important. They further hope to contribute to a better world, meet customer demand, align with international standards, and effectively manage risks, in this order.

“Achieving genuine progress towards Net Zero involves more than just integrating the term into our business strategy, exploring new initiatives and innovations, and promoting sustainable resource management. We must set tangible goals that are feasible, both theoretically and in practice. Another important factor is achieving collaboration across all sectors. Today, we are joining forces to energize our collective efforts. Sustainability practices should not be a secret, they should be constantly shared and exchanged to expedite our journey to Net Zero. We are in a race against time to energize a better world,” concluded Mr. Saravoot Yoovidhya, Chief Executive Officer of TCP Group.

TCP Group has been continuously working on sustainability encompassing organizational transformation, such as offering products that address the unmet needs of consumers, enhancing sustainable packaging through research and development to minimize the use of materials, and accelerating the transition to recyclable packaging. Additionally, the company collaborates with partners to facilitate the collection and recycling of packaging materials, designs buildings and operations that are energy-efficient, and addresses challenges related to waste, air, and water management under the circular economy concept, all in an effort to accelerate progress towards Thailand’s Net Zero goal.


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